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2019 Summary of Arizona Homeowner Association Law

How to Run a Legal, Smooth and Successful Annual or Special Meeting

E-Mail and Unanimous Written Consent

Let's Get Together - The Proper Way to Conduct Association Board Meetings

Apples and Oranges Avoiding the Forbidden Fruit by Understanding the Difference Between HOA Disclosure Fees and Transfer Fees

The Collection Conundrum. Effective Strategies to Collect Association Assessments and other Moneys Owed

Its All About the Benjamins! Legal Ways Associations Can Raise Non-Assessment Funds

Know Your Acts From a Hole in the Wall. An Explanation of the Statutes that Govern HOAS

There is a Method to the Madness - How to Choose the Best Method of Enforcement

HOA Audit. Corporate Issues Every Association Should Evaluate

I am the Association! How to Handle the Overbearing Board Member

Mr. and Mrs. Curmudgeon - How to Handle Difficult Homeowners

Recent Developments Regarding the Fair Housing Act

How to Properly Choose Association Vendors and How to Protect the Association Concerning Vendor Transactions

Going Paperless - The Legal Requirements of HOA Digital Record Keeping

There is a Method to the Madness - How to Choose the Best Method of Enforcement

17. Policy Governance - Board Decision Making and Operation